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 Washington DC and Alexandria, Virginia Then & Now

P. Marlin March 2018


US Capitol South

A Horse and buggy sit on the south side of the Capitol in 1915.



US Capitol East

The East side of the Capitol in 1925. The grounds surrounding the Capitol were designed by Frederick Law Olmsted with landscaping of the area performed from 1874 to 1892.



The Willard Hotel

The historic Willard Hotel in 1904 and 2018.



The Old Post Office

The old post office in 1911. It is currently the Trump Hotel (2018).



The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial looking east toward the Washington Monument in 1922 and 2018.



The Corner of 15th Street and New York Avenue

The corner of 15th and New York Avenue looking north in 1915 and 2018. According to Washington DC Sanborn Maps (1903 to 1916), the building on the left is vacant, though lettering on the building indicated it was a bank at one time, or the American Security and Trust Company (that lettering is not visible today). Today it is the Bank of America.

The building on the right was the U.S. Department of Labor and a bank, today it is the Sun Trust Bank Sanborn Map (1903-1916).



The Corner of 15th Street and New York Avenue

Same view from the opposite corner of 15th and New York Avenue.



G Street Looking East

Looking east down G street from the Treasury Department building. The Sanborn Maps (1903-1916) show the original building on the left as the Home Life building, today it is the Washington Building with various businesses including the White House Visitor Center.

The building on the right was originally the Riggs House which served as a hotel. The same corner in the Sanborn Map (1903-1916) indicates there was a night watchman with a clock.



Metropolitan Theatre F Street

Built in 1917, the Metropolitan Theatre on F Street (photos taken in 1921) was a 1400 seat theater which provided live stage entertainment (with a house orchestra) and movies, including the Washington premiere of "The Jazz Singer" in 1927. Remodeled in the 1950's and early 60's, the theater was torn down in 1968.



Metropolitan Theatre F Street

Same view as above photo, but looking west.



Selinger's Jewelers - Opticians F Street

There seems to be something curious in the window of Selinger's Jewelers. Today this area is occupied by the International Spy Museum and Shake Shack (2018).



Victor Victrolas F Street

A wintery scene in front of the Victor-Victrolas and Kodaks store in 1918 at 1309 F Street. One hundred years later, it is all gone.



Ford's Theater

The assassination of Abraham Lincoln occurred here on April 14, 1865 during a performance of Our American Cousin.



Tom's Lunch & Delicatessen 9th Street

Looking across the trolley car tracks on 9th Street, Tom's Delicatessen served 5 cent hot dogs and hamburgers in 1930. Today no. 1314 is A & D Hip Haunt specializing in pub grub and speciality cocktails (2018).



Columbia Six Minker Motor Co. 14th Street

The Minker Motor Co. at 1333 14th Street (1922) is now the Slipstream cafe (2018).



Firestone Tires National Service Co. 14th Street

Once a Firestone Store (1920), 1610 14th Street is the colorful Ghibellina Cafe today. The beautiful architecture of the building to the right (Tire & Rubber Co.) of the Firestone store is still in place today, though it is difficult to see with the awning and dark paint.



Alexandria, Virginia



The narrowest house in America Queen Street

Called the Hollensbury Spite House, the original owner, John Hollensbury, built the 7-foot-wide, two-story property in 1830 because he was tired of people and horse-drawn carriages using the alleyway next to his house.



Price, Birch & Co slave dealers and Civil War Prison

From 1812 - 1828, this building served as the General Andrew Young residence and office. From 1828-1861 it was a slave pen and slave dealers headquarters and from 1861-1865 it was a civil war prison. A more indepth look at the property from an archaelogical dig completed in 1987. This photo was taken when it was a civil war prison (1865).



King Street

The corner of King and Washington Street in 1924 and 2018.