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Presidents Head Park Ruins

P. Marlin January 2021

These sculptures of American president’s heads were created by David Adickes, a 68 year old artist, as a tribute to all the presidents to be displayed in his “President’s Park.” The park did not operate long, and eventually the sculptures were moved to a salvage yard to be crushed. The guy who moved them did not “have the heart” to crush them, and so they sit in his salvage yard, doomed to decay. Ocassionally, the yard is opened to visitors. Reservations can be made at "The Ruins of Presidents Park" Facebook page

On the day we visited, heavy rains had caused the heads to be surrounded in nearly knee deep mud. It was sad to see these beautifully constructed sculptures in such bad condition. Of particular note on the scrulptures, was the different neckties adorning each president, in particular, George W. Bush's elephant (GOP) tie. Can you name each one of the presidents?