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 London & Paris Then & Now

P. Marlin 2015


Tower Green

Tower of London tower green scaffold site a century ago and today (2015).



Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge a century ago and today (2015).



Arc de Triomphe

When the Nazi flag flew over Paris 1940-1944.



Churchill War Rooms

Winston Churchill sits at his desk in the underground bunker in London (1940s and 2015).



Eiffel Tower

Checking out the view from the Eiffel Tower (1890s and 2015).



The Louvre

Samuel F.B. Morse (of Morse code fame) spent his younger years in Paris painting a variety of galleries at the Louvre. This particular painting, "The Gallery of the Louvre" was painted by Morse from 1831-1833 and depicts the Salon Carre with the Grand Gallery in the distance (seen through the doorway). Though Morse may not have replicated the paintings exactly as were displayed at that time, the Salon Carre looks nothing like it may have 184 years ago.



Lock & Co

A man stands at the entrance of Lock & Co., one of the oldest hatters in England. The main shop has been on St. James's Street in London since the late 1600's. (1870's? - 2015).