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Family Then & Now

P. Marlin June 2012

Grandma Hawley and Me in 1970
Then:Me and Grandma Hawley in front of the house I grew up in on 21st street in 1970. Now: The house has not changed much, though I thought it much bigger then. I went to the door and asked permission to photograph the house and standing on the porch after not visiting since I was very young, was pretty cool.

The old church on 39th Ave
Then: In front of the old church on 39th avenue Easter 1972 Now: The church expanded west, the road is four lane (used to be 2 lanes) and the area we are standing in is now a paved parking lot.

At Papa and Nana's house, 1970
Then: Me and Michelle in front of my grandparents house Easter 1970 Now: My parents own the house and it has changed quite a bit.

My son Justin on the old Ford tractor
Then: Justin on his great-grandfather's tractor . Now: The tractor is owned by his grandfather, a tree removed and the barn recently collapsed. Justin is now 23.

Me and Dad early 1970s
Then: I am sitting with my father in my grandparents house (see how the counter lines up) Now: The house is now owned by my parents and changed significantly.

My son Justin Then and Now
Then: Little Justin on his tire swing Now: He is 23 and the tire swing is still there (rope matches up)

Dad and Dynamite 1970s
Then:Then: Dad with his horse Dynamite early 1970's Now: Now: Dad standing on the same spot, a little older.

Justin heads home
Then: Then: Little Justin walking home Now: The road is the same, the home gone and Justin is 23.

School Days
Then: Derrius and his brother John in front of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic church in Melbourne Fl around 1973. This was their First Holy Communion. Derrius attended school there for 3 years Now: The school is basically the same and the little guys are now in their 40's.

When I Was Young
Then: Derrius on his brother's motorcycle at his mom's house in Melbourne 1985 Now: Derrius still does not own a motorcycle.

Little Lizzie
Then: My daughter Lizzie in her grandmother's backyard in Melbourne early 1990's Now: The yard has not changed but Lizzie has.

Graduation Day
Then: Derrius, his mother, and his brother John pictured from their high school graduation in 1984 Now: His mom still owns the house, it is a different color.

Justin and Lizzie
Then: Then: Justin and Lizzie on their grandmother's couch 1993 Now: The same couch and curtain in the same house. Justin is now 23 and Lizzie 19.