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Family Then & Now

P. Marlin June 2013

Hawley's Antique shop 300 N Maple Street
Then: The Hawley's pose in front of their shop (year unknown) Now: Re-posing outside the shop

Grandma Hawley's house on 400 E Clarke Street
Then:Grandma Hawley with her brother Lon Skeens where she lived at 400 E Clark Street in 1953. Now: One of the smallest houses I have ever seen.

Hawley family home at 625 N Shelby
Then: Old Hawley family home on 625 N. Shelby, Salem, Illinois, with my grandfather, Lloyd Hawley, holding his bible and trumpet on his way to church (probably late 40's, early 50's since he died in 1956). Now: House has gone through extensive changes. The owner mentioned that they have done renovations and noticed scorched beams in the attic from a previous fire and old newspapers from the Eisenhower administration.

Hawley family home at 625 N Shelby
Then: Grandpa Hawley in the back of 625 N. Shelby Now: Hard to see, but the back of the house and the neighbor's house is about the same.