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 Washington DC Then & Now

P. Marlin June 2013


Old Post Office Pennsylvania Avenue

Century perspective: 1910 and 2013 looking west toward the Old Post Office (left) on Pennsylvania Ave



The Willard Hotel Pennsylvania Avenue

The Willard hotel at the turn of the century from the Old Post Office on Pennsylvania Ave. My current view is from the top of the clock tower with the Willard hotel now barely visible on the right.



US Capitol Pennsylvania Avenue

Century perspective: 1913 suffrage event and 2013 Newseum view of Pennsylvania Ave looking toward the US Capitol



Mary Surratt boarding house H Street

Mary Surratt (Lincoln assassination conspirator) boarding house, 604 H. Street, now a Chinese restaurant.



Washington Monument

Represented in 1854 and 2013 with scaffolding going around the monument to repair the cracks from recent earthquake.



The Harrington Hotel

The historic Harrington Hotel in 1914 and 2013.



Christ Church, Alexandria, Virginia

Christ Church Alexandria, Virginia during the Civil War and in 2013.



Georgetown N Street

The Georgetown home where JFK lived when he announced his campaign for the presidency in 1960. The original photo of the family was taken in 1960. The doorway is exactly the same including the light fixtures though it is a private residence.