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The Little River Trail, Elkmont, Tennessee

P. Marlin 2016 and 2018

UPDATE: On a recent visit (September 2018) to the Little River Trail in Elkmont, Tennessee I noticed that all the abandoned buildings that I had photographed in 2016 had been removed. Original stone chimneys and walls, a small bridge, and one or two cabins remain (2018 photos). Photos of the original abandoned buildings, taken in 2016, are below.

2018 Photos

The Little River Trail, part of historic Elkmont, Tennessee, was a vacation community for wealthy residents in the early 1900's. This trail, located near the abandoned Wonderland and Appalachian Club areas, starts at the Elkmont Campground and winds along the Little River all the way up the mountain, where it dead-ends. Just over two miles long, the trail meets with both the Huskey Gap and Cucumber Gap Trails. Along either side of the trail (in the beginning) are abandoned cottages (photos below).


2016 Photos

Old piano in one of the abandoned cottages.

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