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Downtown Gainesville

Built for $150,000 to house the post office, land office and federal court in Gainesville, Florida, the neoclassical building on East Main Street (now Southeast First Street) and Magnolia Street (now Southeast Second Place) was the pride of the town when it opened in 1911. It took 100 train cars full of limestone, "the largest shipment that ever entered Gainesville, or probably any other city in the state," according to the March 21, 1911 edition of The Gainesville Daily Sun, to build the massive structure, which boasts 2-foot-thick floors and 20-foot-high ceilings.

The post office outgrew the building in 1964. It was then used by the school board and Santa Fe Community College before finally becoming the Headquarters for the Hippodrome Theater which it still is today.

The original photo was taken around 1914.