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Bosque Bello Cemetery

P. Marlin March 2015

The Bosque Bello Cemetery, "Beautiful Woods," was said to have been established by the Spanish in 1798. The cemetery is located in the historic Old Town of Fernandina Beach, Florida. While visiting and taking photos of the cemetery, I found one of the oldest gravestones which belonged to two women, Barbara Ximeno who died in 1819 and Estafania Acosta who died in 1812.

The cemetery is beautiful to visit, with many old cedar and oak trees.

This stone lists a child's name on each side, with the bottom of the marker saying, "Our Darlings."

This was the oldest grave I found.

"IHS" is a common marking on many graves in the cemetery. It can have several different meanings, but the most common I found on the internet was Iesus Hominum Salvator ("Jesus, Saviour of men" in Latin).

The finger pointing down isn't a good sign.

The typical cemetery selfie. I am standing where the oldest grave I found is located.