Springfield, Pennsylvania (Bradford County)

In Fall of 2002 we stopped in Springfield, Pennsylvania. It is four hours from New York City to Springfield and quite a scenic drive, especially in the areas near the Susquehanna River (photo left). Being fall of the year, the leaves were changing and with the rolling hills, it was truly beautiful. While there I planned on doing research on John and Jerusha Hawley and the Cleveland family.

As with the other towns the Hawley family has lived in, Springfield is a small town surrounded by rural farm land. I first came across Springfield in my search for John and Jerusha Hawley in the 1850 census. It is here that the Cleveland and Hawley families come together. Jerusha was born in Springfield March 3, 1819 to Daniel and Clarissa Ely Cleveland. The land deed shows that Daniel bought the land in Springfield in 1818. Jerusha and John Hawley (II) were married in Springfield on January 1, 1840. They lived and raised a family until 1854, when they sold the property and house to a D. Fanning (as seen on plat map), and moved to Lawton, Michigan.

My first stop was the Wetona Cemetery, just east of Daniel Cleveland's property. There are no Hawley's buried in the cemetery, but there are many Clevelands, including Jerusha's mother, Clarrissa. Daniel Cleveland's property is just a field, the house having been torn down a long time ago. A little north of Daniel's property on Young Road is School house #14, probably where Jerusha and maybe her children, went to school. The building is no longer there but you can see in the area where a building had once been. Continuing on Young Road and turning East on Beardslee Road just over the hill, the house and property of John and Jerusha comes into view. A big, light blue house with an old barn in the back was visible from the top of the rolling hills. It looked similar to the property that John and Jerusha would eventually buy in Michigan.

The Clevelands

Daniel Cleveland, Jerusha's father, moved to Springfield, Pennsylvania in 1816. There he built a flour mill which he operated for a few years, and then, after the death of his wife, Clarissa Ely, he moved to Fairview, Iowa. He died there on February 2, 1876. While in Iowa, he writes to Jerusha and talks about his life Iowa. He also wants the address of Martin Hawley, his nephew (son of John and Jerusha), as he wants to write him letter. Martin eventually leaves Lawton, Michigan and moves to Iowa, perhaps influenced by his Grandfather Cleveland. He resides in Iowa for about 10 years before heading to Garnet, Kansas. Martin's son, Walter is born in Iowa.

History of Springfield, PA

Springfield was so named in remembrance of Springfield, Massachusetts, the former home of a large number of its pioneers. The township was first called "Murraysfield," the name of the grant made by the Susquehanna Company, 1795, to Rev. Noah Murray, a celebrated Universalist preacher, who died in the town, 1811, in his seventy-fifth year.

Among the first pioneers of Springfield in 1817 were Joseph Brooks from Massachusetts, Daniel Cleveland and Joseph Stacy. 1818 -- Quartus Ely. 1819 -- Amos Sargent and John Sargent from Massachusetts, and Stephen Smith, Vermont. 1822 -- David Brown from Connecticut, Joseph Guild, Massachusetts, Alexander Kennedy, Vermont, Hiram Potter, Vermont. 1824 -- Clark Hooker, Massachusetts, William Salisbury, Massachusetts.

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