Walter Martin Hawley

Walter Martin Hawley, son of Martin Gilbert Hawley and Adelaide Amanda Richardson was born in Lawton, Michigan, March 14, 1864 and died June 1st, 1929 in Garnett, Kansas. At the age of four years he moved to Independence, Iowa with his parents where they resided nine years. The family moved to Garnett, Kansas in 1877. He married Louie Stillwell November 29, 1883.
Photo-left: Walter and Louie with the girls, Bertha and Myrtle

Article from the Garnett Review

1929 - Walter Hawley died Saturday moring at his home in Union Township at the age of sixty-five years. Mr Hawley came to this county in 1877, when his parents, Martin Hawley and his wife, purchased a farm home on the south line of Union Township. Walter Hawley and Louie Stillwell were married in 1883. The deceased is survived by his wife, one son, two daughters and three brothers. Interment was in the Garnett Cemetery.

Mary Lou Stillwell Hawley Lambert 1867 - 1959

Wife of Walter, Mary Lou Stillwell was born February 25, 1867 in Randolph County, Indiana and died March 17, 1959 in Garnett Kansas. After her first husband Walter died, she married Frank Lambert and was then known as "Grandma Lambert." Her family came by Wagon from Ohio to Kansas and the family story is that she lost two fingers in a chopping wood accident. In the photo below it looks like two are missing from her left hand. I recently found her bible in my Uncle Hawley's antique shop. See below for an image of the bible and some of the items in it.

Walter and Louie's Children

Walter and Louie Hawley homestead in Garnett, Kansas
More Homestead Photos in Garnett

Mary Lou Stillwell Hawley Lambert

Walter Hawley

Mary Lou in her later years

Family trip to California in 1947
(Mary Lou has hat on)

Mary Lou on left - not sure who she is with

Mary Lou with Calvin Hawley in background

With second husband Frank Lambert (she is buried next to him in the Garnett Cemetery)
I wonder if this is the same house she and Walter lived in?

It was in November 2011 that I found Mary Lou's bible in my Uncle Howard's antique shop. I knew it was hers because it held all her little writings to which I recognized the handwriting from previous documents I owned which were given to me by my grandma Emma Hawley (Mary Lou's daughter-in-law). The bible was found in Emma's things and since she had already given me items out of it, it just made sense. See items from the bible below.

Photos of her Louie's brother's

Roy Stillwell

William Stillwell

Williams Stillwell when younger