The Cleveland (Cleaveland) Family

Cleveland Name Meaning English: regional name from the district around Middlesbrough named Cleveland ‘the land of the cliffs’, from the genitive plural (clifa) of Old English clif ‘bank’, ‘slope’ + land ‘land’. adm See also Cleaveland. Americanized spelling of Norwegian Kleiveland or Kleveland, habitational names from any of five farmsteads in Agder and Vestlandet named with Old Norse kleif ‘rocky ascent’ or klefi ‘closet’ (an allusion to a hollow land formation) + land ‘land’.

The Hawley branch of the Cleveland family is descended from Moses Cleveland who came from Ipswich, County Suffolk, England about 1635. According to family tradition, he sailed from London, England and arrived in America in the year 1635. He first landed somewhere in Massachusetts, probably Plymouth or Boston. 1 The Hawley and Cleveland families came together in Springfield, Bradford County, Pennsylvania when Jerusha Bushnell Cleveland married John Hawley (II) on January 1, 1840.

Family Relationships

Genealogy of Cleveland/Cleaveland Families

The below image, which mentions Jerusha Bushnell Cleveland and her family's relationship to Moses Cleveland,
were extracted from the book The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families Vol II by Moses Cleveland.

The Cleveland Family

Book cover of The Genealogy of the Cleveland and Cleaveland Families Vol I and II
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