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Joseph Hawley, first Hawley to America, to my father, Ray Hawley. Follow links to more information family members.

Key: Roman numeral (I, II, III) first generation
-bullet- second generation
>third generation
--fourth generation
+fifth generation
*sixth generation

I. Thomas HAWLEY, Roxbury, Massachusetts (brother to below Joseph Hawley) married Dorothy Harbottle
  • Captain Joseph Hawley married Lydia Marshall
  •     --Lieutenant Joseph II married Rebecca Stoddard
            +Major Joseph married Mercy Lyman
            +Captain Elisha
I. JOSEPH HAWLEY married first to unknown, married second Katherine Birdseye and had the following children:
  • SAMUEL SR. see link below - first child of Katherine Birdseye to be followed by the rest
  • Joseph Jr.
  • Elizabeth married John Chapman
  • Ebenezer married Hester Ward
  • Hannah married Josiah Nichols first husband and then married John Wolcott second husband
  • Ephraim married Sarah Wells (Ephraim Hawley House)
  • >Daniel married Elizabeth Brinsmade
        --Oliver married Berthia
            +Ebenezer married Hannah Beach
             +Daniel married Phebe Mallet ( Nero Hawley)
    >Gideon married Anna Bennett
        --James married Eunice Jackson
            +Captain David married Sarah
            +Elijah married Mercy Bennett
                 * Jesse Hawley Esq married twice (Betsey and Elizabeth L) (blog)
             +Major Aaron married Elizabeth Hawley (his cousin)
  • John married Hannah first wife Deborah Pairson second wife
  • Mary married Captain John Coe Jr.

II. SAMUEL SR. married Mary Thompson first wife married Patience Nichols second wife and had the following children:
  • Samuel Jr. married Bethia Booth
  • Captain Joseph married Elizabeth Wilcoxon
  • Deacon Thomas married Joanna Booth
  • >Captain Ezra
            +Abijah married Polly Summers
  • Matthew
  • Ebenezer
  • JEHIAL see link below married Hope Stowe
  • Elizabeth married Lieutenant Charles Wolcott
  • Ephraim (the first of second wife Patience's children)
  • >Captain Jehiel (blog)
        --Jeptha (blog)
  • Catharine
  • Stephen
  • Benjamin
  • Mary married Josiah Hubbell
  • Nathaniel married Mary Ufford

III. JEHIAL married Hope Stowe of the Stow/e family and had the following children:
  • Mary
  • Hope married John Lyman
  • SAMUEL STOWE see link below married Ruth Miller
  • Hannah

IV. SAMUEL STOWE married Ruth Miller and had the following children:
  • Seth
  • Samuel married Abigail
  • Ruth
  • Christopher
  • Lucy
  • Miller married Elizabeth
  • Ruth
  • Hannah married David Melville Selby

V. CALVIN married and had the following children:
  • JOHN (I) see link below married Betsey (Elizabeth) Malbone
  • Seth
  • Russell

VI. JOHN (I) married Betsey (Elizabeth) Malbone and had the following children:
VII. JOHN (II) married Jerusha Cleveland and had the following children:
  • MARTIN GILBERT see link below married Adelaide Richardson of the Richardson Family
  • Eugene married Deborah Dine
  • Lelia Andelucia married Edward Tracy
  • Atwell Ely married Lydia
  • Sophronia Ardell married Daniel Salisbury
  • John (III) married Mary Ann Hackett

VIII. MARTIN GILBERT married Adelaide Amanda Richardson and had the following children:
  • WALTER MARTIN see link below married Louie Stillwell
  • Eugene Nathaniel married May Augusta Perry
  •     --Faye
  • Stephen married Daisy Halstead
  • Jay Clark married Achsa Fonger
  • >Arden Lee married Rose Brecht
        --Virgil Lee married Mary Richards
    >Keith married Genevieve
        --Joyce Hawley Moore
  • Ely (died young)
  • Fred (died young)

IX. WALTER MARTIN married Louie Stillwell and had the following children:
  • Bertha
  • Myrtle
  • LLOYD HOWARD see link below married Emma Skeens
  • Guy died in infancy

X. LLOYD HOWARD   (Blog)   married Emma Skeens of the Skeens Family and had the following children:
  • Inez married Vic Bolinger
  • Wanda married Gene Chapman
  • FLOYD CALVIN married Delores Johnson
  • Howard married Nancy Mobley

XI. FLOYD CALVIN married Delores Mae Johnson and had the following children:
  • HAROLD RAY married Dianne Tadlock
  • Dennis Wayne married Carole Elmore
  • Phillip Leon married Janice Allen
  • Michael Calvin married Karen Moore

Elias Hawley
Author of The Hawley Record

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